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Numerology is as old as mankind is. Even when we cannot read, we can still count. Etymologically the origin of the word “tell” is to reckon, calculate, number, compute; consider, think, esteem, account. We write “accounts” of our travels or work.

In the old languages like Sumerian, Hebrew and Ancient-Greek every letter was number and vice versa. Every letter has a vibration and so does every number. Because of this numbers can “tell” a story. The birthdate of a person is most probably the most important number to “tell” a story.

In the 20th Century Hans Müller came up with an important addition in numerology. By placing the numbers of the birthdate in a Pentagram, he created a direct visual impression (symbol) of those numbers and their story.


Science or art?

Are numerology and pentology true and scientific? No, at least I don’t think so. It is based on human intuition and not scientific research. To me it is more like an art. A painting by Vincent van Gogh will open up an entire new world of understanding for one visitor, as she sees the energies, the beauty, the passion and the deep understanding van Gogh put in there, whereas the next visitor only sees badly depicted houses, trees that are not trees, clouds that are not clouds.

NumeroLogic does the same: either it touches you or it leaves you stone cold. When you analyze your numbers and it does not ring a bell, well then, forget all about it. It is simply not your thing, or the reading is completely off. If it makes you happy, or even better, angry, however then you have at least something to look at.

Nature versus Nurture

There is a second way to look at it:

We are born as a clear slate, with a lot of potential buried in our DNA. We call that our Nature. We are also very helpless little beings at birth and on average it takes us at least 16-21 years to be able to stand on our own feet. All this time we are being influenced by our environment: mother, father, family, friends and teachers. This forms us and we develop defense mechanisms around the things we don’t understand with our child’s mind. This we call our Nurture.

Nature and Nurture form our current Self. But how much do we actually know about ourselves? How aware are we of our own behavior. The Nurture we know, but how to find our Nature?

In my experience this is where NumeroLogic comes in – just as Astrology or any other divination method. My hypothesis is that it offers a peek at your True Nature. Sometimes you will find a lot of confirmation of what you are doing and sometimes it just may be the opposite.

In this example you see the Pentagram of a person born on 12-5-1975, which is the basis for an analysis.


Are you interested in learning more? Check out my dedicated website on: http://www.pentalogie.com. There you will find background information, a free video introductory course, daily analysis from 2017 until today and many many more interesting information.

Would like to read a book about it?  Our first book is available in German and in English. Drop me a message below if you are interested in more information.


8 thoughts on “NumeroLogic – Pentalogie

  1. Debby Bolung says:

    Hoi Niels, ik zou graag jouw boek in het Engels willen kopen. Ik heb zelf ook een pentalogie boek geschreven, maar ben altijd op zoek naar meer of andere kennis en wijsheid. Enthousiaste groet Debby Bolung


  2. İlgin says:

    I’m İlgin from Turkey. I want to buy your book. It seems that it hasn’t been published in Turkish, yet. Also it is not possible to get an English copy around here. Is there a publisher in Turkey where I can find an English or Turkish copy of your book? I would love to translate it into Turkish.
    Have a great day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nielspilaar says:

      Dear Ilgin,
      Thank you for your request. You are correct, my book has only been published in English and German. The only way to get you a copy is to send it to you from Holland. I will be in Istanbul from the 9th of October until the 13th at the following center; http://www.bilgipaylasim.com.tr . I will bring books with me then, so that might be the easiest solution.

      Of course I am interested in having a Turkish version. Are you an official translator and do you take an interest in Numerology?
      Very best regards,

      PS: If you give me your birthdate I’ll give you a short analysis for free.


  3. Dr. Edith Zeile says:

    Hallo, Niels,
    via Monika Abud I received your book today. In a way, since I°ve taken part in 8 Seminars given by Fritz Guggisberg in Basel i have some knowledge but more fascination.
    I wonder if one can get an analysis from you.Send me some details (edizei@aol.com)

    I’ would be also very much interested to know the time of your birth and the place..because I am an astrologer.

    Thank you so much in advance.
    Yours sincerely, Edith


  4. Lieke cools says:

    Dag Niels
    Ik heb je naam via Gerrie Nooten
    Gerrie vertelde me dat je ook als coach werkt
    Zou ik je hierover mogen bellen, zo ja, op welk nummer
    Hoor het graag van je
    Hartelijke groeten
    Lieke Cools


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