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What is the Transformation Game?

The Transformation Game is a board game during which you symbolically walk your life path. The main objective is to gain self-knowledge (insight). It is an oracle game, meaning that you may ask the game for hints, clues for problems or questions you have. The game is played on different levels or phases: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The different levels represent the aspects of human life: your body (and the material world), your feelings and emotions, your mind and thinking and your devotional or religious awareness. The game was developed by Joy Drake, member of Findhorn, a well-known spiritual community in Scotland.

Why play the Transformation Game?

Because it will answer your questions (your playing purpose) and give you a deep insight into your own life-path and how life plays out in this world in general.

The Game also helps you to:

  • distinguish between real intuition, wishful thinking and reactions based on former experience
  • understand the concept of Free Will.  It will show you what happens when your free will does (not) concord with the well-being of yourself and others.
  • experience the power of Blessing. We humans seem to have forgotten the meaning, the art and power of “blessing”. The Game gives you ample opportunity to practice that again.
  • clearly see the nonsense of competition, except in a very restricted context,
  • understand the significance and importance of giving, for-giving and surrender,
  • see and feel the power of synchronicity
  • acquire deep insight into your own (unconscious) Belief-systems

The game shows with great clarity where you are at in your personal process. In the Game there are several opportunities to create a “free play” according to your needs at that moment. Within the safety of the rules anything goes. You will have the opportunity to express and –with the agreement of the other players- manifest anything that serves your playing purposes and may be done right there and then (within a set time frame)

General Outline for Couples Game:

In this version of the Game we specifically focus on couples and how they communicate and co-create together. Basically there will be two playing levels: the one on the board and the one between the two partners.

Before the Game each of you defines your own playing purpose. Preferably it has something to do with the way your relationship is evolving.

At the start of the Game, you and your partner will be guided to formulate a joint playing purpose.

During the Game, during the breaks and during designated moments, you may consult with each other on the course of the Game.

During the Game you will alternate sitting in the players seat. The key assumption here is that whatever happens to the partner playing also applies to the partner not playing. This resembles life in the sense that in a close relationship you create a “system” (Hellinger). Whatever one of the two partners does, affects the other partner too. The Game will support this process of discovery.

About the facilitators:

Claudia van het Kaar and Niels Pilaar have been life partners for 18 years (in this life). During this time they have had the opportunity to largely explore various aspects of relationships: sexuality, parenthood, dealing with stepchildren and a patchwork family, spirituality, Tantra, open relationship, etc. Most of all they are interested in spirituality and the potential of relationship as a path to individual freedom.  

Niels Pilaar has been playing and facilitating the Transformation Game for over 25 years. He has also been accredited as a TG facilitator in Findhorn. He brings incredible depth to the Game and will help you translate the Game’s feedback for understanding your personal situation.

Claudia van het Kaar has been playing the Transformation Game for over 17 years. She is the founder of the Centre for Women, focussing on empowering women on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She brings great communication skills to the Game.