The Transformation Game originated in the Findhorn Community in Scotland. It’s a quirky game and has kept me wondering for the past 25 years. How can it be that by rolling a die, drawing cards called Insights, Set-backs or even Angels, can bring such deep understanding of the problems and opportunities I have and create in my Life?

I honestly don’t know why it works. But for me it does and has done so in the numerous Games I have played and have facilitated so far. It takes a leap of faith for anyone in the business community to play it and at least hypotethise that what happens has some value. If you do and dare follow the suggestions, you’ll be amazed the depth’s you can reach in understanding yourself and in understanding others.

More info to come soon.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in participating in a game, contact me here

The next game is planned on june 16th to june 18th in Eindhoven.